I write an innocent little word. The eyes of the drawing next to it flicker and come to life. Immediately I hear a voice in my head. Between the images, my brain is already inventing how to continue. Sequential art is neither high alchemy nor mere handicraft – its result, however, always seems to me like pure magic.


One Damned Handshake (2023)

Luca Stoffels already has enough trouble on his hands. The fact that he now has a real demon from hell on his tail is enough to send him over the edge. This is the brilliant comic debut of Matze Ross and Jan Bintakies.

Detached from the constraints of my commissioned work, I drift into offbeat worlds. I haunt outer space, prehistoric times, and disgusting horror scenarios. I drive my characters into borderline situations and let them look into the deepest shallows, and hope that they discover a better world for us.


Paleontologist (2014)

Who are the heroes of your childhood? I had only one answer: dinosaurs!

Ulysses and Polyphemus (2014)

The legendary confrontation of the Trojan hero with a one-eyed giant. Nobody will prove to be the winner.

The Signal (2009)

What do you think it looks like for a demon to be summoned from the depths of hell?

Fifth Trick (2007)

What would have happened if Wilhelm Busch had written science fiction stories in the pulp genre?