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"Ein verdammter Handschlag" (German version) on Kickstarter

What would you do if strangers handed you a pile of money?

How about a super-exclusive deluxe edition of a top-class comic project? With a limited special edition that doesn't cut any corners and whose funding is given to those whose whole heart and soul is in the comic: the artists? How about the Demonic Deluxe Edition of One Damned Handshake?

With this project, Splitter Verlag is launching the very first crowdfunding in its publishing history together with the artists Matze Ross and Jan Bintakies! The aim of the crowdfunding, which will run on the Kickstarter platform, is to finance a limited special edition of the two artists' comic debut Ein verdammter Handschlag. Participants in the crowdfunding campaign, so-called "backers", can contribute money ("pledge") in several levels to secure a copy of the book as well as other exclusive rewards. However, the amount is only due if the campaign is successful. Building on the sum for the basic publication of the VZA, exciting additional content ("Stretch Goals") can be unlocked over the course of the campaign: Cover enhancements, additional bonus material, videos with the artists and physical goodies such as bookmarks, postcards, tattoo stickers and much more. An overview of the Stretch Goals can be found on the campaign website.

Important: The regular edition of  "Ein verdammter Handschlag" will be published by Splitter in any case! The publisher is using the crowdfunding exclusively to finance the special edition, which will be available exclusively as part of the campaign and most of the proceeds of which will be paid directly to the artists. On the official page of the campaign on Kickstarter, there is a quote from the illustrator Jan Bintakies on this topic.

The crowdfunding starts on 3 April 2023 and ends on 30 April 2023. The target for the basic funding of the Demonic Deluxe Edition is €7,500. A Damn Handshake is scheduled for release on 24 May 2023. If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, shipping of the Demonic Deluxe Edition is expected to begin shortly afterwards.